Case Study: Metaverse Asia Expo (MAE 2022)


MAE 2022 Features Dozens of Exhibitors and Guest Speakers

The first-ever Metaverse Asia Expo (MAE 2022) started on October17, 2022 and marked a new milestone in the world of Metaverse business landscape. The five-day event saw participation from nearly a hundred exhibitors from across Asia who showcased their latest products, innovative solutions, and creative ideas. With support from professional institutions such as the Association of Blockchain Development (ABCD), Asia CEO Community, PWC, and more, MAE 2022 was a resounding success.

Over 30 keynote and panel discussion sessions attracted more than 80 speakers and nearly 10,000 virtual visitors from more than 20 countries. The event was organized to accommodate participants from different time zones and was a huge success, attracting senior management from various corporations.

High-Level Government Support and Enthusiasm for the Metaverse

In his opening speech, Dr. Bernard Chan, Under Secretary for Commerce Economic Development, noted that the Hong Kong SAR (HKSAR) government is closely monitoring the development of new and innovative technologies like the Metaverse and will continue to update its policies to support these advancements.

MAE 2022 opening speech

Dr. Kyle Wong, President of the Association of Blockchain Development, expressed his gratitude to the HKSAR government and other partner organizations for their support and said that the Metaverse economy is expected to grow rapidly in the coming decades. He advised enterprises to invest promptly and take advantage of the new market.

MAE 2022: A Successful Example of 'Metaverse-as-a-Service


The MAE 2022 event demonstrated the potential of “Metaverse-as-a-Service”, showcasing various  discussions on topics like the Metaverse capital market, education in the Metaverse, and ESG and Carbon Neutrality in the Metaverse. Visitors from all over the world to participated in the exhibition and other interactive activities, bypassing geographical and pandemic-related restrictions.

The event ended with an immersive VIP party, featuring live music, beautiful lighting, sponsors’ posters, and 3D virtual art pieces. Guests could take pictures, dance, sing on stage, and participate in games and a best-dressed avatar contest.

The tremendous success of MAE 2022 has not only revealed the strong business potential for the Metaverse, but it has also demonstrated how commercial activities can be conducted in an innovative and sustainable fashion there. The event received widespread media coverage, with over 70 news reports and a target audience of one million.

MAE virtual party

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