Enterprise Training in the Metaverse


"47% of people leave their jobs not because of salary or roles, but because of poor communication and company culture."

Redefining your Employee Training Programs in the Metaverse


Maximize Outcomes with Engaging & Gamified Interactions

Any Environment, Any Situation. Simulate real work situations, whenever, wherever, and improve employee access to training.


Higher Knowledge Retention, Enriching the Learning Experience

Enhance skill development in highly interactive modules that allow employees to develop practical skills that they can use in their jobs.


Enhancing Objectives and Strategies with Metrics & Analytics

With real-time data and metrics, understand what drives learners, highlight areas for improvement, and enhance the experience.

Enterprise Training Use Cases in the Metaverse

Train, sustain, and develop your teams to stay agile and competitive​

Learning & Development

Skill Amplification

Enhance expertise and potential.

Safety Training

Safety Mastery

Ensure a secure, compliant workforce.

Medical Training

Clinical Proficiency

Master medical skills virtually.

Skills Training

Competency Enhancement

Hone talents for excellence.

Team Building

Team Synergy

Foster collaboration and connection.

Product & Service Training

Sales Excellence

Elevate product knowledge and sales skills for peak performance.

Industry Leaders Training with Virtway

Enterprise Training Made Easy in the Metaverse

We have invested thousands of hours in creating a unique, easy-to-use 3D virtual world technology and have been doing so since 2016 working alongside companies of all sizes.


Initial assessment

Schedule a meeting to talk with our team of experts who will be your guide throughout the entire process. 


Goal and objectives

Tell us about your company and ideas for training in the metaverse. Together, we create a plan to adapt your corporate programs to the metaverse.

Orientation day

Bring in your team and introduce them to your new Enterprise Training Program in their Metaverse Headquarters. Onboard users, present the plan, and give them a tour.

Enjoy your Metaverse Training

Start your journey in the metaverse. You will be supported by a subscription plan adapted to your needs and a team of experts to guide you every step of the way.
Enterprise-Metaverse-Training-interactive virtual avatars

Leveraging the Metaverse
for Corporate Training & Learning

Enhanced Learning Efficiency:

Moving training programs to the metaverse allows employees to engage in fresh, interactive learning methods that enable faster comprehension, improved information retention, and a more enjoyable learning experience.

Improved Knowledge Retention:

Metaverse training not only accelerates learning but also enhances focus, leading to better knowledge retention and deeper understanding. Studies indicate that immersive learning methods can increase retention rates by more than 75% compared to traditional training methods, further demonstrating their effectiveness.

Increased Engagement and Collaboration:

Metaverse modalities provide immersive and collaborative approaches that not only resonate with employees but also positively impact a company’s bottom line. These customized solutions simulate real-life scenarios, enabling teams to practice and develop skills while remaining adaptable to a company’s growth or changes.

Flexible and Evolving Learning Opportunities:

The metaverse accommodates diverse learning styles, offering evolving workforces numerous opportunities for learning, skill sustenance, and adaptation without the need for lengthy offline training sessions. This approach has a greater impact on skill development and workplace transformation.