Virtual Activities for your Metaverse

Virtual Escape Rooms & Obstacle Courses

Save the Climate

A Virtual Escape Room in which you compete (via a personalized avatar!) to be the first to save the planet by putting a stop to global warming!

PLOT: Scientists have come up with a machine that makes climates sustainable. But researchers have been victims of a cyber attack and need participants to be the heroes and decode the machine in time before the poles melt forever.

It is a mission against the clock, participants work as a team to go through the different scenes, collect and share the clues, and reveal the code.

Virtual Cluedo

As in the real Clue game, participants will receive instructions before the game so they can take on their assigned character’s role… job, looks, secrets and all!

PLOT: All the game participants are residents of a town in the Old West where the Sheriff has recently been murdered. It seems like everyone has motives and hidden secrets; everyone is suspicious.

Each participant enters the virtual platform via their own personalized avatar and partakes in live conversations to solve the mystery. Will they capture the former Sheriff’s real killer and bring him to justice?

The Warrior's Legacy

The main objective of this virtual escape room is firstly to have fun but is also be used to evaluate a team’s strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The ‘escape room’ is a modern version of outdoor training that globalizes the experience for teams which work remotely and/or overseas, allowing them to have a group experience with their peers, fostering cohesion and a sense of belonging, as well as internal communication and, by extension, improving the work environment.

Wipeout Course

Participants must put their five senses to the test, as well as their dexterity and coordination when using their avatar in order to get through this challenging course.

Teams compete to reach the end safe and sound. Once they have reached the final obstacle, the challenge won’t end just yet! Participants then have to do the same route going the opposite direction!


Not everyone can manages to get out, and certainly not on their own! Participants rely on their teammates by joining forces to find the correct path to follow.

This activity is great to test how participants work under pressure, memorize tasks, take on team player roles, have a good sense of orientation, etc.

Customized Escapes

Working in teams, participants have to escape from their locked room. First, they must rescue a team member that’s in another room. And then the plot thickens.

After, the team must solve riddles and, along with information given by the interactive elements, find the final key and unlock the door.

Four of the riddles are customizable. Event organizers can then choose the hidden phrase, add in company values or specific figures, words or key concepts, etc.

Virtual Team Building Activities​


A facilitated activity carried out by professional coaches and psychologists which provide companies with the opportunity to obtain more clarity regarding their knowledge of themselves as a team, why they do what they do and, above all, how they do what they do.

Participants learn more about each other and about how the group behaves as a team. They have the opportunity to decide which part of their identity contributes most to the team and which part is least beneficial to it. In this way and with a clear common purpose, the team’s basic foundations are established and future goals become clearer and more obtainable.

Cooperative Construction

In teams, players enter Virtway’s Bricks Scene and have to take part in a collaborative construction. 

In this activity, ingenuity and originality are rewarded. The possibilities are endless, teams can construct their company’s logo or even their “ideal city/office”, anything that reflects what they have learnt from the event’s agenda, something related to a value of the company, etc.

Customized Workshops

Incorporate collaborative activities of any type to deliver powerful workshops or brainstorming activities. 

With a wide variety of scenes to choose from, event organizers can create from scratch any sort of workshop. Whether it be related to the topic of the event or some something fun, participants are engaged and sure to enjoy this interactive learning experience.

Virtual Parties

Beach Party

Give your event attendees an online concert experience they’re sure not to forget… on a stunning island in paradise! You can even choose to have your event at sunset!

Recreate virtually everything from live concerts: Livestream performances, onstage dancers, lights that synchronize with the music, 3D elements for branding and deco, and so much more! Each person attends via their fully customized avatar and can freely dance to all the songs and even take a breather at the bar!

Sci-Fi Music Fest

Our Sci-Fi Concert Scene is the perfect place for live music, lightshows all the dance moves your can think of and more. The experience is… out of this world!

Themed Parties

Working in teams, participants have to escape from their locked room. First, they must rescue a team member that’s in another room. And then the plot thickens.

The room has two levels so you can have music and dancing by the stage and any sort of activity or networking in the upper section. The room is highly customizable to your event needs.

Virtual Games​

Battle Trivia

Incorporate popular TV show games like Jeopardy and Family Feud and customize it to match the theme of your event.

Our event experts help facilitate this activity and can easily customize any battle trivia-style game with your content

Virtual Contest

Users are seated in an auditorium with their teammates, ready to deliberate the answers without the fear of being heard by other teams.

Guided by hosts and with the dynamics of a game show visible on their screen, teams play this game in a completely unique way, answering all kinds of questions.

In some of said questions, the fastest wins, in others, players must think about their answers, as the could win during a rebound. A completely relaxed game, customizable with questions written by the client, which could also serve as the culmination of a meeting.

Customized Games

Elevate your virtual gatherings with our tailor-made gaming experiences, specifically designed to align with your event’s theme and objectives.

At Virtway, we understand the importance of engaging and interactive content. That’s why our Customized Games option allows you to create a unique gaming environment that reflects your brand identity and resonates with your audience.

Whether you’re aiming to reinforce team dynamics, test industry knowledge, or simply add an element of fun to your event, our Customized Games are versatile and adaptable to any scenario.

From strategy-based challenges to quick-thinking quizzes, each game is crafted to provide an immersive and enjoyable experience, fostering collaboration and competitiveness in a dynamic virtual setting.

Quick Breakout Activities

Prize Wheel

Include in your virtual events FUN and Interactive Premium Elements like our Customizable Prize Wheel. 

Award participants with points, gift cards or even company swag.

Event Organizers can customize the categories and color of the wheel to align with the event’s branding strategies. Participants just have to spin the wheel!

Game Room

Add a game room to your event for attendees to take a fun break! Choose from Darts, Blackjack, Checkers and more!

Football Matches

Bring the whole team out to the football stadium and see who can score the most goals!

Metaverse Engagement Experiences

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