Metaverse Technology

Two Products, Endless Possibilities for your Needs

Web Metaverse

100% browser-based technology for Windows and MAC.
No downloading necessary and accessible with just a click.

For basic but flexible use of metaverse technology.

Native App

Application for Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android for more professional uses. It can also be used from the browser (without installing software) through real-time streaming (cloud gaming).

The most advanced metaverse technology on the market for companies supporting up to 1000 users in the same room even on mobile devices.

Metaverse Technology Recommendations
Based on Use Cases

  • Web Metaverse
  • Native App
Web Metaverse Native App
AI avatars for sales support, training or consulting with customized content
Internal meetings where the IT team allows software to be installed on the terminals
Meetings where it is not allowed to install software or where users from outside the company will participate.
Online stores or product showrooms for commercial demonstrations (AI avatars optional)
Training led by a teacher/trainer or coach for up to 50 trainees
Managed training for hundreds of simultaneous users
Automated course training with optional LMS connection for any number of users
Simple events for up to 50 users without installing software
Events for hundreds or thousands of users by installing software (with optional web access via Cloud Gaming). Includes special effects, games and a multitude of tools for the organizer.

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