Hybrid Events Shift to the Metaverse


Virtual events here to stay... in the Metaverse

The consequences of the pandemic weren’t all bad. Almost every aspect of our lives has been affected, from work to the way we interact within personal relationships. But, thanks to technology, we have found discovered solutions that have proven better than anyone could have imagined.  

Meetings, no matter the type, quickly evolved technologically in order to continue functioning. Thus, started a the search for which virtual platform that would best meet your needs, be it for meetings, conferences, team building, etc. Many companies chose to even go a step further and digitally transform all of their events. Events make up an essential part of business for most enterprise-type companies. In the process, they discovered several surprising advantages of virtual events over in-person events

empowering-hybrid-experiences in the metaverse

Virtual Events Post-Pandemic

According to a study from “The 614 Group” carried out by Marketing Dive,

"More than half (51%) of respondents expect that all live gatherings and conferences will have some sort of virtual dimension post-pandemic, less than a fifth (19%) stated that attendance at in-person gatherings and conferences would return to prior levels."

Regardless of what the future holds, people are still interested in online events, as they allow them to easily meet objectives like networking with potential buyers and sellers, staying up-to-date, and even being inspired with new ideas through conferences, meetings, and interacting at any place and time. 

Despite this information, some pose that even though online platforms and models are an enormous support to meet their communicative needs, they are still missing quality experiences and levels of communication that seemingly only face-to-face events have been able to offer up until this point. Many have reported that the feeling of “closeness” through a screen just hasn’t come close to that of in-person events… or is it, perhaps, they just haven’t been using the right technology? 

As we know, there are hundreds of virtual event possibilities on the market. Virtways’ platform has broken all the limitations presented by traditional online event platforms and allows event participants to fully immerse themselves in their virtual events. They have designed a realistic virtual world that is accessible from any device. They organize events that make you feel present and connected with the rest of the assistants. The use of avatars and the natural communication system via spatial audio promote this “closeness” and make you forget that you are looking through a screen. Additionally, its visually appealing scenes and its full customization possibilities allow you to create breathtaking events that will make a memorable impact on all participants.  

Hybrid Events: The Future of Event Organization

Certainly, it’s crazy to think that in-person events would ever cease to exist, especially once the pandemic is over. But we can’t just ignore the world of technological possibilities that seem to have appeared overnight. Event organizers should look for innovation and internalize these new tools to find the best way to meet requirements and secure their objectives. That is why most event organizers are opting for a common field: hybrid events. This experience perfectly complements both types, meeting both those who need a more flexible experience and those who prefer personal contact. Thus, getting the best of both worlds. 


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