6 Creative Ideas for Virtual Corporate Events

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Any kind of virtual corporate event, from conferences, business meetings, or tradeshows to employee training or team-building activities, should include elements specifically designed to engage the audience.

The recent digital transformation has changed the way attendees participate in events, allowing for the creation of new immersive experiences capable of turning events into powerful marketing and sales tools. If we manage to appeal to the assistants’ five senses, we will have, without a doubt, managed to present a memorable event, surely giving people something to talk about.

3D Virtual Technology to the Rescue

3D Virtual Technology has made this scenario possible. This technology was born within the videogame industry, but its potential made it cross borders. Nowadays, the number of ways and contexts in which it can be implemented has turned it into a great ally for companies in search of creative, profitable, and innovative alternatives.

Day by day, the number of companies that opt for virtual events increases, and the more popular it is to use this technology, the more creative its applications are. With that said, it is important to know that there are several immersive experiences designed for corporative environments, where participants feel close, even though they are connecting from afar.

The formula to achieve this is by facilitating 3D Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, interactive avatars, video, and chat applications, which make it possible for the attendees to immerse themselves, engage, ask their questions, and for them be answered in real-time.

6 Ways Businesses Can Incorporate Virtual Events:

1. Virtual conferences

Its benefits towards enterprises have allowed the video conference to become a very effective, fast, and innovative communication method. Either as an online video conference, a webinar or a web conference, it has the advantage of simultaneously connecting multiple people, no matter where they are.

The possible applications are endless, and very useful, either to organize meetings between the different headquarters of a company, establish an immediate videoconference system with workers from any part of the world, or to promote the services offered by a company without the need of occupying numerous physical spaces, but rather a single virtual meeting room.

VR conferences make it possible to efficiently make important decisions. This kind of encounters can immediately reunite the different people implicated in a project and fasten the process of reaching a decision, as it eliminates any possible schedule or transportation issues, even hour limitations.

2. Meetings with remote teams

Teleworking is gaining more and more importance, no matter if it is full or part-time, and is a way of working that is likely here to stayRemote workers are fostering a change in mentality regarding the old approach on how to carry out professional tasks.

This change of paradigm has completely modified the interaction between the company and its workers, between which should exist an effective digital relationship. It is essential to depend on tools that help optimize remote communication, increase productivity and reduce costs.

The objective is to create common virtual spaces where employees and managers can meet, and for that, the contribution of virtual worlds is key.

3. Virtual classrooms

Digital transformation has also changed the way of gaining knowledge, and this affects companies immensely. Business training is one of the fields that has been facing more changes, and, nowadays, virtual training has acquired a protagonist position within the Human Resources department.

For that, online training is now one of the most used educative models within the corporative sector, regardless of the business typology or the market niche where the company is. The advantages of this system, such as time and cost reduction, as well as its flexibility and accessibility, make it an essential tool for the learning of the employees.

In this sense, the use of virtual classrooms for business takes on a special importance as tools that create immersive and realistic experiences for the formation of employees. These are similar to virtual campuses but adapted for the training of the company’s workforce. Thus, offering their professionals more resources and fewer limitations than conventional methods.

4. Team Building

Team building is one of the most valued professional competences within a company, as cooperative working improves the performance of the employees and, consequently, of the company. For that, more and more organizations decide to include in their corporate policies activities exclusively designed for their workers.

In its origin, they were activities purely presential, but now, virtual reality has made possible the creation of online Team Building. These are virtual events that allow employees to live unique experiences with remote access, and participate in virtual games or interactive chats through which it is possible to share ideas and experiences.

Of the different options available in the market, one of the most successful ones, oriented for corporative Team Building, are Virtual Escape Rooms, games in which employees can participate from any device. The only requirement is to have an internet connection on their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

5. Virtual speed networking

The power of networking as a corporative communication tool is unquestionable. It has been this way for years, and it will continue this way, as it is a powerful advertising tool, that creates new contacts and facilitates reaching potential clients.

With this objective, Speed Networking was born: a record-time business meeting that allows entrepreneurs to maintain several fast meetings to get to know possible clients and business partners. This initiative has become very successful since its implementation, as the sessions are short, they do not take much of the entrepreneur’s time and it is a reliable way of obtaining key information right away.

Nonetheless, we are now immersed in the digital era, whose maximum exponent can be found in the progress of 3D virtual technology. This setting has caused the emergence of Virtual Speed Networking: a concept that meets all the advantages of the presential format in a remote setting, eliminating the necessity of transportation, and geographic barriers and causing a considerable reduction of costs.

This kind of networking allows its participants to attend quick business meetings without having to get out of the office.

6. 3D virtual avatars

An avatar is a unique way of giving life to a web, social network, or digital channel. It is a graphic image that represents a person within a virtual world, and it is becoming increasingly common to find online avatars mimicking real-life work situations such as meetings, fairs, or other kinds of events.

The interaction possibilities are incalculable, and the number of applications grows at the same rapid pace as the advances made in virtual technology. In fact, avatars serve as a nexus of union between all the virtual events that have been mentioned before: they can be used for virtual conferencesmeetings with remote teams, virtual classrooms, Team Building activities, and Virtual Speed Networking meetings.

The interaction capacity of these interactive avatars is impressive. They can maintain conversations and talk in a very natural way thanks to a voice over IP. Thanks to the 3D technology in which they are based, avatars are also capable of automatically regulating the volume depending on their proximity with other avatars, interchanging any kind of information in different formats, and even expressing emotions through animations – such as clapping or greeting.

Their facial and corporal movements are highly natural, and, when combined with artificial intelligence technology, the final result is astonishing.

The present and future of corporate communication is defined by a very clear tendency: virtual events. Their potential and the advantages that they offer, have turned them into powerful tools able to improve business visibility and encourage all kind of real-time encounters.

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