Metaverse Concert: Telva Opts for the Virtway Metaverse to Target a New Generation of Followers

Telva1000 Metaverse
The most prestigious fashion magazine in Spain, steps towards the Metaverse


Telva, the most prestigious fashion magazine in Spain, took a decisive step towards the Metaverse with the aim of addressing a new audience that allows it to remain a leader for another 60 years.

Telva Metaverse Concert

To celebrate its 1000th issue, the well-known magazine offered its readers a unique immersive experience, providing them with a virtual meeting point such as the TELVA Showroom, from which they were able to access exclusive brand content, interact by voice and, to top it off, attend a live hybrid metaverse concert by group Marlon.

But that’s not all, there were prizes and lots of them, as the events in the metaverse also allowed visitors to participate in fun challenges and gymkhanas through their avatar. From a dress-up game to walking the streets of Paris looking for products hidden by the sponsoring brands. Anything can happen in the TELVA Metaverse.

This experience took place on 27 September 2022. Stay tuned for more metaverse concerts and experiences or check out the activities today!

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