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Solving the Virtway Engagement Problem With Life-Like 3D Virtual Events

With so many virtual event platforms on the market, it can be hard to learn what’s right for you. Enter: Virtway, the world’s largest, most accessible, and most customizable 3D virtual platform on the market. Virtway has been building 3D communications platforms for over two decades, and the company’s unique in-house technology can be used to create fully personalized, engagement-driven gatherings ranging from virtual trade shows, conferences, and corporate meetings to employee training and on-boarding, webinars, and collaborative activities. Save time, increase your audience reach, and generate unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for attendees around the world.

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The Biggest Challenges of Going Virtual

Deep into the era of social distancing, we’ve all discovered the limitations of virtual events. It’s become clear quite quickly that they allow for very little customization and engagement beyond a chat function—which means virtual event engagement is low, and users are quick to disconnect or be distracted by the usual activities of work and home life. What’s more, many virtual gatherings feel the same, and organizers aren’t always given the chance to bring their creativity or add value for the client.

Another major challenge? The lack of serendipity. Networking is often limited to pre-organized meetings, which isn’t as natural as in-person events where you have spontaneous connections with a variety of different people.

How Virtway Can Help with Online Event Engagement

Virtway combats these challenges by focusing on engagement and entertainment in a 3D virtual world, complete with customizable avatars that allow you to talk to fellow attendees in real-time with your own voice. No more boring events with streaming and simple chat functions here.

Virtual Breakout and Networking Activities

Virtual Conferences

Teleport from the Offices to the Lobbies

Branded Virtual Campuses

Live Concerts
Virtual Networking Stands
Real-time Livestreams
Virtual Year-end Meetings

Dance Parties

Workshops and Presentations

With Virtway, event hosts can create fully personalized, fully interactive events. Want to host a simple presentation and networking break? Virtway can do that. Want to give the ability to explore and interact in a 3D conference with interactive booths, a variety of buildings hosting different talks, gamification, product presentations, and live concerts? Virtway can do that, too.

The online events can look as much like reality as the organizer wants, with realistic decorations, branding, product displays, information points, and so many more options. The 3D environment allows organizers to focus on fun, creating gamified and interactive activities for networking and allowing communication to be as natural as approaching someone and starting to talk—just like in real life.

And to make sure everything runs smoothly, experienced support staff is always on-hand to advise and guide participants, making sure guests enjoy everything the virtual gathering has to offer. An added bonus? Post-event, organizers can obtain data on average time spent per participant, activity, and more— giving you all the information you need to create more strategic, effective gatherings in the future.

Become a Virtway Partner

Virtway’s cutting-edge software is easy to learn, making it simple for event organizers to unleash their creativity so they can deliver gatherings that are as interesting, exciting, and entertaining as they would be in the real world. The flexible technology allows you to design any digital engagements you can dream up, from branded and private virtual spaces to customized and themed onboarding spaces. Or maybe you want to engage current clients and prospects with a game show, a treasure hunt, or a digital swag bag? That’s all possible, too.

What’s more, Virtway’s top partners are reselling the software with multiyear service commitments to the world’s top companies and institutions—meaning Virtway partners receive exclusive inbound leads from some of the largest and most successful companies in a wide variety of industries, like financial, pharmaceutical, industrial, science, academia, and more.

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