Virtual Holiday Party in the Metaverse


Skip zoom for your Virtual Office Parties this year and join the fun in the METAVERSE!

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start organizing an amazing get-together for your team. Virtual Holiday Parties are a great way to bring employees together in one place to not only mingle but to also give companies a chance to recognize and reward the hard work that has been carried out over the past year.

Zoom Fatigue, a gloomy term that has plagued us all in 2020-2021, is real. It’s prime time to shake things up and move from 2D to 3D events. Make sure your team enjoys themselves with personalized avatars in an immersive Metaverse.

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to get your entire team together in a FUN way to meet, network, play games and even dance!  This new experience allows everyone to mingle just like at in-person parties with avatars that can walk, talk, dance, clap… pretty much everything you can do IRL.

We provide you with a unique virtual space that is ready to use! For more customization, you can completely and easily brand it further.

How to Host a Virtual Party in the Metaverse:

1. Choose a meeting room.

Would you prefer an amphitheater with evening settings or a modern-style Auditorium?

2. Select a Virtual Activity.

Would your team rather do an Escape Room, Maze, or Wipeout challenge?

3. Pick your party room!

Get your music ready to dance the night away at a Rooftop Party, in our sci-fi-themed scene, or aboard an Abandoned Ship!

So leave the videoconferences in the past because this is an office party that no one will want to miss! It’s more important than ever to truly celebrate the people you are thankful for. This year, take your virtual holiday party to the next level and make it something special for everyone attending. For more details, visit our Virtual Party Page.

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