Virtway Now Accessible via Browser

Are you looking for the perfect Metaverse Experience without needing to download anything?


Virtway Now Accessible via Browser

  • No downloading necessary
  • No 50-person limit per scene

All the other web-based Metaverses probably told you 50 users is the limit across the world… Well, we’re here to tell you that’s NOT true! Bring together 250+ avatars in the same scene with Virtway’s web-based solution. The same quality App experience, on your browser.

Virtway, together with Ludium Labs, has created browser access to the Virtway Events App. Made possible with state-of-the-art cloud-gaming technology, you and your entire team can access Virtway Events from anywhere in the world from the browser.

Want to know more and host your next event in the Metaverse?

educational conferences in the metaverse

We can show you a demo and talk you through how it works. If you’ve already seen the app from the inside, then you’ll already know what to expect. The experience is a mirror image of what is happening in the app.

You can enter all the high-quality scenes with your interactive avatar, participate in events, attend conferences, interact with content, take part in team-building activities, and get through escape rooms… EVERYTHING that is in the app, is now available via the browser.

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