Virtway Recreates Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium


Virtway recreates Barcelona’s Camp Nou Football Stadium to organize virtual and hybrid events in the Metaverse

Companies from all over the world can enjoy parties, conferences, exhibitions, and even after-work gatherings in a VIP box in Barcelona’s world-famous football stadium, Camp Nou, without having to physically travel there​

Virtway launches the first professional football stadium in the metaverse


The virtual replica of Camp Nou includes the stadium, an exhibition area at the foot of the football fields to add stands and booths, VIP boxes, a museum, meeting rooms, and an auditorium to give presentations. Organizations can host and attend conferences and exhibitions for thousands of users connecting from their mobile phones, tablets, or computers from anywhere in the world.


Unique Virtual Experiences Prioritizing User Engagement

Currently, companies and teams are craving unique online experiences and are prioritizing user engagement and socializing as top factors when researching virtual event solutions. Virtway provides just that for the virtual events market. With virtual worlds like that of Camp Nou, users can be immersed in customized spaces and have a sense of presence that is unmatched in traditional online event software.

This digital era, which has evolved to virtual worlds with an increasingly demanding public, makes this type of experience a direct channel for all types of brand activations and sponsors, congresses, corporate communications, marketing, and entertainment events

Camp Nou virtual spaces are available for the upcoming Holiday and End of Year campaigns, and companies and organizations from all over the world are invited to enjoy this premium experience.


In terms of accessibility, the FC Barcelona world will be available from any mobile device, as Virtway is accessible from the Apple Store and Google Play Store (as well as PC and Mac). It is the only virtual event software on the market that offers the same premium experience on desktop and iOS/Android devices with thousands of users interacting and having fun.


About Virtway
Virtway offers a proprietary metaverse and virtual environment for companies and organizations. Its unique immersive platform provides 3D virtual experiences, such as conferences, tradeshows, training, teambuilding sessions, and parties used by large companies including Pfizer, DuPont, Intel, Roche, Accenture, AstraZeneca, McDonald’s, Netflix, and Naturgy, and thousands of other clients for all types of events and workspaces. Users can talk, interact, and network in real time in immersive environments through personalized and fully adaptive avatars, recreating the feeling of face-to-face contact and offering a more engaging experience than webinars, videos, and online conferences.

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