Hybrid Metaverse Experiences

Ensure That Your Participants Love Your Online Experience
As Much As In-Person Attendees

You have one shot at creating the best hybrid experience for your online users

Are your event attendees and keynotes experiencing ‘zoom’ fatigue?

Are you worried about offering an online experience equally as fun as the in-person one?

Are you looking for more engagement for your online participants?

Everyone Deserves the Best Experience

Your Multi-Functional Metaverse For All your Online Needs

Impress and engage online participants with empowering experiences

Create a branded virtual world completely aligned with your event.

Drive better results by going beyond ‘zooming’ and creating a real-life, digital immersion.

We offer certified specialists for your all-inclusive hybrid events

Hybrid is here as an inseparable component of the events industry. Our team works with the top in-person and virtual event experts in the world. We have worked with the world’s most innovative companies including 5 of the Fortune 50 and many of the Fortune 500 to bring their in-person experiences to life in the virtual world.

We help you take your online events to the next level allowing you to offer your event participants High Value-Added elements and activities.

For Virtway, it’s about making your virtual event the most engaging and interactive… even more so than your in-person part of the event! Our 3D Hybrid Events are the closest thing to in-person events that you will find. 

Companies That Trust Virtway

Hosting A Hybrid Event With Virtway Is Easy

We prioritizes user experience, with engagement and interaction at the forefront. We help show you how to best combine your in-person and virtual experiences to create the perfect hybrid experience for your event participants. From designing to adapting your event strategy, we’ve got you covered.

1. Discover All The Possibilities

Attend a demo and we will show you how your event participants will proactively participate with their avatars, just like they would do at an in-person event. 

2. Event Creation

Design visually attractive 3D scenes where you can brand different spaces and provide your event attendees with creative decorations. Endless spaces for you to customize and incorporate your clients’ brands… just like you would at an in-person event.

3. Hybrid Event Day!

Your dedicated 3D event specialist and their team will be there every step of the way to make sure that the virtual part of the event runs smoothly.


4. Post-Event Metrics

After the event we will provide you with data regarding the interaction of your online event particpants. This will help you best understand the impact of your event… Details you can’t get from your in-person event!

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