Metaverse Parties

Celebrate with your Team in the Metaverse

Bring the whole organization together for an online party that’s life-like, productive, and FUN!

Your Metaverse Party in 3 Easy Steps!

Setting up a virtual event is easier than ever with Virtway and you can do it yourself!

Our ‘Party Packs’ are great for year-end celebrations, ceremonies, parties or event concerts.

Gone are the times of needing expert engineers to achieve a visually pleasing and successful virtual event.

Virtway has completely revolutionized the industry and has created a 3-step event set up so that ANYONE can do it themselves. 

How It Works:

We will provide you with a unique virtual space that is ready to use! For more customization, you can completely and easily brand it further.

¿Each participant attends as an avatar, a virtual version of themselves. They can interact, walk, talk, raise hands, clap, sit down, dance, and communicate in real-time.

This engagement method delivers a fully immersive experience by bringing every user INTO the event rather than sitting on the outside simply observing from their computer screen.

Additionally, Virtway’s top-of-the-line gamification features boosts engagement and creates a fun experience that everyone enjoys. Say hello to a truly celebratory 3D experience that everyone is sure to remember.

Your Personalized Online Party Experience

1. Choose the Type of Conference Room​

Select the place to speak to your users. You will be able to share your screen, turn on your webcam and upload images.

Choose from an Auditorium within a modern-styled building or an Amphitheater which is more traditional with warm evening light.

2. Select your Virtual Activities

Select a game or challenge for participants to enjoy while simultaneously doing some team building activities. You can choose between the Maze, Escape Room, or the famous platform challenge, Wipeout!

3. Pick the Party Room of your Choice

If you want the attendees to move their avatars, listen to music and reminisce about the festivals of their youth, this is what you need. You will have a large stage to offer both dance space and areas where you can take a break. 

Interested in Extra Services for a More Exclusive Touch?

From costumes & props to additional gamification features & streaming options, if you want to further enhance your event, you must check out some of our “extras” that will make all the difference!

Our experienced team of certified partners are experts in virtual event creation and organization. They can help you from start to finish to add further decorations, special features, gamification, anything that you want, to your virtual party!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Virtual Metaverse Party is created in a 3D environment that is persistent and always accessible. This permits simultaneous users to interact within the same virtual space in a life-like manner whenever and from wherever they’d like. Each participant accesses the Metaverse with personalized avatars. These avatars can speak, make gestures, dance, and interact with other avatars.

Yes! Anyone, anywhere, any time zone. Users can connect from mobile phones, tablets, PCs or Macs.

We use our own 3D technology to provide each user with a quality experience. The Voice over IP technology works like a walkie-talkie and the audio is spatial. As a result, the entire speaking and listening experience is just like in real life. All you need is a headset with a microphone to communicate in the virtual world.

Absolutely. Avatars move by either by clicking their mouse on a desired spot, or by using the arrow keys. Watch this video for more info about your avatar’s capabilities

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