Enterprise Metaverse

Metaverse Solutions For all your Hybrid and Virtual Experiences

With Virtway’s metaverse experiences, the online world becomes more participative and interactive than ever. Leave behind traditional communication methods and enter a virtual world where you can turn your events of all kinds into unique and fun experiences, removing geographic barriers, high costs, and carbon footprint. 

Unique Experiences for your Employees

Boost Employee Training Engagement

Save Time and Money

Significantly Reduce Co2 Emissions

What Kind of Metaverse Experiences Can You Do?

Employee Training and On-Boarding​

Train your employees in the safest and most realistic way with our 100% personalized scenarios.​

Virtual Trade Shows​

Bring your products and services to life in our virtual 3D environments with real-time networking at career fairs or trade shows.

Virtual Conferences​

Keep your audience connected with communication that brings people from all over the world together.​

metaverse meeting_room

Online Corporate Meetings​

You no longer need to travel long distances to get your entire team together. All you need is an internet connection. and our virtual platform.

Webinar Streaming​

Don’t settle for the traditional way of broadcasting your conferences online. Allow your audience to participate and interact within them.​

Team Building Activities

Reinforce your team’s soft skills in a fun way with Bricks, puzzles and escape rooms activities.​

Why Choose Virtway's Enterprise Metaverse Platform?

We've Been Building 3D Virtual Platforms Since 1999

Since then, there has been a tremendous evolution in long-distance communication. Our 3D virtual worlds offer a unique value by bringing people closer together, allowing them to interact and talk to each other. In short, they offer “unique social experiences” 100% mobile, which is decisive for the events sector.

Advanced In-House 3D Tecnology​

Thanks to Virtway’s internal 3D engine, participants can participate in natural conversations via VoIP and 3D audio across the entire platform. This makes communication almost the same as in real life events. The experience offers a more engaging experience than webinars and videoconferences. An infinite number of users can connect in the virtual world and up to 500 avatars can be present in the same virtual scenario. Users can connect not only from tablets and computers, but also from mobile phones.

Our Virtual Platforms are 100% Interactive​

Our advanced 3D technology will allow you to innovate when communicating with your people. You will be able to talk to your clients or employees with your own voice in real time through our customizable avatars, interacting as in real life. It’s like being present, but at a distance.

Integrated Gamification

It’s not just a platform for networking or attending conferences. It’s also designed for hands-on team building activities, escape rooms, relay races or any other type of collaborative activities.

Metrics and Reports for Every Event from Start To Finish

Among the advantages of our 3D virtual events is the large amount of data you can obtain: average time spent per participant, activity, stands visited, conferences attended… You’ll easily have all the information you want during and after the event, something that is unthinkable in face-to-face events.

Rich Content​

Virtway Events is designed for people to interact with each other. Not only that, but it is also a space where you can share your audiovisual material, such as photos, videos, presentations or web links. And, if networking is your thing, you can exchange your business cards with other users. What are you waiting for? Join the virtual revolution!

The Most Advance 3D Technology in the Universe Accesible from Any Device

Join the virtual revolution and join the Enterprise Metaverse.

Now available:

Web Metaverse

Leveraging our expertise, we present the most robust, adaptable and reliable web platform tailored specifically for businesses.