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Virtway's Web Metaverse

With the infinite experience of our team, we have meticulously designed and crafted the ultimate web technology. Harnessing years of expertise and insights, we present a tool that is not just advanced but is attuned to the specific needs and challenges faced by enterprises today. Our commitment is to ensure that companies can navigate the metaverse efficiently, productively, and innovatively.

Built Specifically for Corporate Environments

The app has been designed with specific business needs in mind, such as efficient collaboration, information security, and integration with existing business tools.

WebGL-Based Application for Browsers on PC and MAC

The use of WebGL indicates that the application takes advantage of the graphical rendering capability of modern browsers, allowing for a rich and immersive user experience without the need for specialized hardware. PC and MAC compatibility ensures wide accessibility, allowing users of different operating systems to participate seamlessly.

No Need to Download Apps or Browser Extensions

This is a significant advantage in terms of ease of use and accessibility. Users can access the platform directly from their web browser, eliminating the need to download and install additional software, which is especially valuable in corporate environments where software installations often require IT approvals.

Secure Encrypted Communication

Encryption in all forms of communication (content downloads, multi-user traffic and voice) is essential for the confidentiality and security of corporate data. This ensures that all information shared and communicated within the platform is protected from unauthorized access or interception.

All Traffic Is Routed Through Port 443

Using port 443, known to be the standard port for secure HTTPS traffic, facilitates access through firewalls and proxies. This is crucial to ensure that the application is accessible in corporate environments, where network security restrictions are common.

Base-Designed to Support Hundreds of Thousands of Concurrent Users in the Future

This feature involves scalable planning and architecture, allowing the platform to accommodate a significant number of users simultaneously without degrading performance. This capability is essential for large corporations and large-scale virtual events, ensuring that the platform can grow and evolve along with the needs of the business.


Customizable Avatars

Avatar Choice and Customization

This feature allows users to select and customize a digital avatar that represents them in the metaverse. Personalization can include aspects such as physical appearance, clothing, and accessories, fostering a unique identity and greater connection in the virtual environment.

Voice over IP with Spatial Sound

Allows users to share their video in real-time on virtual screens within the metaverse environment. This is useful for introductions or to show facial reactions during conversations.

Webcam Sharing on Scene Screens

Allows users to share their video in real-time on virtual screens within the metaverse environment. This is useful for introductions or to show facial reactions during conversations.

Share Webcam Over the User's Own Head

This innovative feature projects the image of the user’s webcam directly onto their avatar, providing a more realistic and personal representation of each participant.

Share Screen Metaverse

Browser Window, Screen Sharing

This feature makes it possible to share content directly from the user’s browser or computer screen, making it easier to view presentations, documents, or any other type of content relevant to the meeting.

Share a Standalone Remote Navigator

Offers an enhanced browsing experience within the metaverse, independent of the user’s connection. This ensures high image quality and a better frame rate, crucial for sharing advanced multimedia content.

Private Audio Zones

These zones allow for private conversations within the virtual environment, where only users within a specific area can hear each other. It’s ideal for subgroups or confidential discussions at larger events.

Broadcast Audio Zones for the Whole Hall (Auditoriums)

These zones are designed for the dissemination of audio to all attendees in a given area, simulating an auditorium. It’s perfect for large-scale presentations and talks.

Auditorium Broadcasting Metaverse

Emojis to Express Emotions

Allows users to communicate their emotions and reactions non-verbally through emojis. This enriches communication and adds a fun and interactive element to meetings.


Adding animations to avatars improves the expressiveness and dynamics of interactions in the metaverse. This can include gestures, body movements, and facial expressions.

Trainable AI Avatars with Proprietary Content

This advanced feature allows avatars to learn and adapt through artificial intelligence, based on content and user interactions. Virtway’s AI Avatars speak English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. 

Instantiation to Allow Hundreds of Users to Attend Conferences

This technology allows meetings to be scaled to accommodate hundreds of users simultaneously while maintaining optimal performance. Essential for large-scale conferences and events in the metaverse.

unlimited metaverse users

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