Metaverse AI Glossary: Key Terms to Understand How AI is Shaping the Metaverse

In the ever-evolving landscape of emerging technology, the merging of artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse has started a shift that will without a doubt reshape the way we perceive and interact in the virtual world.

Use the AI Metaverse Glossary to serve as a compass to navigate this transformative realm and discover terms that define these two groundbreaking technologies.

The Evolution of Virtual Event Trends: From 2021 to 2023 and Beyond

virtual event trends

2021 gave way to innovation in both online and hybrid events. 2022 witnessed the events industry’s evolution as hybrid events matured and digital footprints expanded. Sustainability became non-negotiable, safety remained paramount, and micro-events thrived. As we finish 2023, the metaverse looms large, promising novel event experiences. Join us on a journey through the dynamic world of virtual event experiences.

Spatial Computing: Transforming the Metaverse Experience

In the rapidly evolving landscape of virtual worlds and the metaverse, technological advancements are constantly shaping the way we interact with digital environments. One of the key pillars driving this evolution is spatial computing. This groundbreaking technology (which has actually been around for a lot longer than you might think) has the potential to revolutionize […]

Virtway Exceeds the Record for Concurrent Users per Scene

Virtway Exceeds the Record for Concurrent Users per Scene in its B2B Metaverse by allowing 1000 people to connect in the same room, even from mobile devices Far surpassing the competition’s limit of 80 people per room, the pioneering metaverse platform now allows up to 1000 users to connect in the same scene, regardless of […]

Spatial vs Virtway

As interest in the metaverse continues to grow, numerous platforms have emerged to compete in this exciting new space. Two of the most notable are Virtway and Spatial. Both platforms offer unique features and capabilities, making them popular choices for those looking to explore the metaverse.

AI Chatbots in the Metaverse: Enhancing Experiences

The Metaverse, while still in its infancy, has taken the world by storm, and companies are on the search to keep up. Many businesses are now exploring metaverse platforms to engage with their clients and prospects better. Navigating it all may seem daunting, especially for companies that are not familiar with virtual environments. Add in AI bots, and things just got more interesting!

Team-Building Activities in the Metaverse

Teamwork is one of the most valued skills that companies look for when evaluating employee performance. The ability to make decisions in a group brings a large number of benefits, such as encouraging creativity, facilitating problem solving and speeding up response times.

Case Study: Metaverse Asia Expo (MAE 2022)

MAE 2022 Features Dozens of Exhibitors and Guest Speakers The first-ever Metaverse Asia Expo (MAE 2022) started on October17, 2022 and marked a new milestone in the world of Metaverse business landscape. The five-day event saw participation from nearly a hundred exhibitors from across Asia who showcased their latest products, innovative solutions, and creative ideas. With support […]