Benefits of Virtual Conferences


Advantages in innovation and opportunity

One of the main objectives that technology pursues is to improve communications as well as forms of collaboration of a company, both internally and externally. And it is a success. In this setting, technological advances have allowed for the creation of new alternatives, such as virtual conferences and meetings, whose main aim is to celebrate this kind of professional encounters without the need of a physical space.

The benefits they offer to organizations have allowed them to turn into very effective, fast, and innovative communication methods. And that is because virtual events, either as an online video conference, webinar or professional fair, have the advantage of connecting several people at once no matter where they are.

Their applications are endless, and especially useful for online conferences between the different headquarters of a company, establishing an immediate videoconference system with remote workers from any part of the world, or promoting the services of a company without the need for physical spaces, just a virtual meeting room.

Additionally, their use is very simple, thus, any user can benefit from the advantages of virtual events in real time. Virtual conferences and meetings can be recorded, so, if an employee could not go to the live event, they will be able to access it at a later time at their convenience.

Benefits of events in virtual worlds

Nowadays, it is imperative for companies to have a virtual presence if they do not want to be left behind in this globalized market defined by technology.

Virtual events adapted to corporate meetings offer the same benefits as physical encounters but include a series of exclusive advantages that should not be overviewed to optimize the business and its productivity.

In fact, according to researches made on the companies’ different sectors, 94% of the employees consider that the main benefit of online videoconferences is the increase in efficiency and productivity; followed by an 88% corresponding to the increment in the impact of meetings, and finally, the speed of decision making, with a 87%.

These numbers showcase the impact that virtual events have on the business landscape, which are possible thanks to the advantages they offer. The most noteworthy are:

Cost reduction

The investment necessary for a virtual meeting is minimal if we compare it with the presential model. Travel or rental costs are entirely eliminated, and these savings are a direct and valuable contribution to the business development.

For that, if an organization does not have enough resources to organize physical events, or their employees do not have time to travel, a virtual conference comes as the most logical alternative.

Further assistance and event reach

As they are virtual platforms, you can access remotely from any computer or device with internet connection. This possibility ends with geographical barriers, allowing a further number of assistants and, consequently, higher visibility.

More communication in less time

Virtual meetings and videoconferences have two great advantages: speed and comfort. Thanks to that, any company has the possibility of communicating with the clients, partners, or employees on a record time, favoring the increment in communications.

Information always available

On many occasions, when carrying out an online conference, you do not dispose of enough time to calmly analyze the shared information. Virtual technology allows filming all the meetings, allowing the assistants to access these contents anytime.

Measurable results and a better tracking

Virtual meetings and the applications behind allow us to immediately obtain measurable results. Thus, the company has access to real time data referring to the participants and the development of the event, providing useful information about the return of investment.

On the other hand, it is possible to optimize the tracking of a virtual conference, something that can turn into a valuable tool in terms of customer loyalty strategies and client and employee satisfaction.

Agile decision-making

The use of virtual conferences allows making important decisions fast and efficiently. This kind of encounters can immediately gather the different people implicated in a project, offering the possibility of reaching agreements more nimbly, eliminating schedule issues, as well as transportation or hour limitations.

Essential key aspects to organize successful virtual conferences

Like any presential event, a strategic organization is crucial to obtain results, and it will define the success or failure of the project. For that, there are a number of key points that should never miss in a virtual meeting:

Attention set on the attendee

An event developed in a virtual world should turn into an immersive and innovative experience. For that, it would be impossible to carry out a similar event without the support of technological platforms that offer unique eye-catching alternatives, put the spotlight on them and make sure they stay connected.

In this sense, there are very interesting proposals coming from Virtway. These are alternatives designed with the most advanced technology to create unique experiences within a virtual world. For example, they allow the possibility of using 3D interactive avatars that mimic each of the participants of the event.

Real-time interaction

Virtual technology allows a very close relation between the assistants, even in the distance. The key to achieve this are the video and chat applications with VoIP technology, thanks to which it is possible for the assistants to ask any doubts and solve them in real-time.

Moreover, the avatar-based event technologies that appear in an online videoconference are created with avatars that can have conversations and talk through a voice over IP in a very natural way. In fact, the 3D sound tech makes it possible to automatically regulate the volume depending on the proximity of the participants.

Virtual meetings or events set the trend for the corporative communications of the coming years. Their potential and the advantages that they offer make them strong tools that can be used to improve the visibility of a business, promote connections in real-time, and easily connect users geographically dispersed.

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